About Me

I am an Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker & Experienced Digital Strategist helping modern-age businesses with their digital strategy & help them grow using Digital Marketing

I have been practicing digital marketing for the last 8+ years – since I started my first blog in the year 2014! I have learnt entrepreneurial marketing, majorly through practicals and minorly through theories.

I have completed plenty of online courses and studied a lot of information available online about Digital Marketing. Besides that, I have observed eventual growth & timely changes of every aspect of Digital Marketing sector by practical experiences I have been conducting since the year 2014.

When it comes to digital marketing, I have my first-hand experience in Content Marketing through various channels, Blogging, In-bound Marketing, Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Paid as well as Free, Affiliate Marketing, ORM (Online Reputation Management) and some other things!

I have my first-hand practical experiences in various aspects of the business or start-up, like Market Research, Brand Establishment, Cohesive – Omnichannel – Data Driven Marketing Strategy, Funnel Development, Data Analysis, Branding Management etc.

And wait, trust me when I say this, because unlike some self-proclaimed MARKETING GURU, No. 1 BRANDING EXPERT or DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT or SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT or someone like that, I just do not talk randomly about things I do not know a thing about!
I only preach or talk about what I know or what I’ve already done.


Years of Experience


Web-Traffic Growth Achieved

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I have 8+ years of experience in digital marketing industry, helping businesses to grow their revenue in incredible numbers !

Professional Experience

I have started working as Head Of Marketing at Ahmedabad, Gujarat based IT Start-Up, Infex Biztech Pvt Ltd, in April,2016, the title under which we are working on some industry disruptive projects solving key-problems using innovative technology trends, and we have seen massive 323% growth in our website visitors and of course skyrocketed business enquiries with around 35% Conversion Rate within the time span of 5 years – all of these without spending a penny in marketing, completely organic.

After that, I co-founded & was assigned as director of Dyrect Digital Pvt Ltd, in June-2018, in which we have been working on the solution to make small and mid-sized business owners able to grow their business online easily, effectively in an affordable & innovative way using industry specific latest & innovative technologies.

These days, Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing are subjects of my excitement. So in the near future, you can see me doing and sharing a few valuable things related to these topics as well.


My Experience

From learning digital marketing by practicing it & applying digital strategies to increase revenue and grow a start-up, I have experience in various aspects

I have started exploring field of digital marketing in 2016 while practicing freelance marketing. Since then, I have been constantly learning & applying various digital strategies to achieve different business objectives


Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Assigned as Chief Marketing Officer in co-founded company focused on building an app to put Digital Marketing Efforts of small scale & local businesses with nearly zero or minimum marketing budget at ease to help their businesses grow online. Duties involved strategizing, executing & monitoring all the marketing activities taking KPI metrics aligning with overall marketing objective in consideration.


Head Of Marketing

Promoted as Head Of Marketing at the firm, with products in eLearning, Software Development Services, Digital Marketing Services. The role is to strategize, execute & look after all the marketing activities putting growth hacking techniques at work, focusing mostly on Lead Generation through organic marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing & inbound marketing


Digital Marketing Executive

Started working in technology startup as digital marketing executive, performing various digital marketing activities focusing on brand building & lead generation


Freelance Marketing & Blogging

I have started exploring digital marketing industry with blogging & in-bound marketing being the entry point while I was already into freelance marketing

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What People Say

All the people I have worked with have things to say about me.
Here are some of them !

“He is very professional, works with you to figure out the smallest of details & will contribute many out-of-the-box ideas to deliver more than expected

Anant Parmar

“One of the best human being. Yagnesh is highly skilled in marketing. His strategies has always given the best output. I would surely recommend him “

Hiren Kavad

“Yagnesh is one of the best guys who can handle digital marketing very well. 110% Recommended. We are taking his services from a very long time “

Hareen Desai

“He was responsive & eager to help me fix my problems. He got to work very quickly & answered all my questions. Good communication, professionalism & knowledge. His quality of work was outstanding”

Hitesh Panchal